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Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic lip tattoo that can enhance the shape and color of your lips. It will also give the impression of more fuller lips. This process is done by depositing ink pigment into your lips and lip line. The color is subtle leaving you with natural looking results.

Lip blushing has become a popular treatment for those looking for fuller lips without having to get lip fillers.

If you are in the cosmetic, Permanent Makeup or medical industry offering lip blushing as a treatment is a great option. You can offer anywhere between $500-$1500 per appointment depending on your area.

Our signature lip blushing training course is taught by our 5-star rated lead PMU artist Leanne Venter.

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Why Learn Lip Blushing?

Being trained in Lip Blushing has massive income potential! PMU artsits can earn anywhere between $250-$500 an hour.

Why Is My Effortless Lips Training Course Different Than Others:

💄 Stand out from the competition with my signature 5 star rated techniques

💄 Learn proper technique and color theory from a master trainer so you make effortless lips every time

💄 Lifetime access to our online training vault

BONUS: Aftercare Instructions

BONUS: Consent Forms 

BONUS: My complete supply list 

BONUS: PMU Checklist where you will learn what licenses, and permits to get

What You Will Learn

This training is to help our clients look and feel as effortless as possible with permanent makeup. Lip blushing eliminates the embarrassing smudges of lipstick and not having to reapply constantly.

This is a two-day intensive training course that will cover all aspects of lip blushing. Our training course is a hands-on training and a live model will be provided to see how the Effortless Lips technique is completed from start to finish.

What’s Included

☑️ In-depth training manual

☑️ Learn the basic techniques of lip blushing

☑️ What is the best permanent makeup tool for lip blushing

☑️ Full training kit

☑️ Lip Anatomy

☑️ Understanding needles, voltage, pressure to get the best results

☑️ Effortless Lips Technique

☑️ Learn color theory

☑️ What pigments are best for lips 

☑️ Live model to see process from start to finish

☑️ Know the importance of skin types

☑️ Free lifetime support for all students

☑️ Certificate of completed training

Training Price: $1,950

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Effortless Lips Lip Blushing

Interested In Our Training But Not Ready To Book?

Lip Blush Training with Leanne Venter
Lip Tattoo Training with Leanne
Lip training

Add a Day of Mentoring by Leanne for an additional $500

Add our Powder Brows Course for an additional $1,000

Our lip blushing technique stands out from others in the industry and these techniques introduce less trauma and experience less healing time. Our clients love the results as we rated one of the top PMU businesses in Palm Beach County.

So what are you waiting for?

Your new career awaits. Join us today and change your life

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Lip Blushing Training Questions

How Much Can You Charge For Lip Blushing?

Once you are trained in lip blushing you can start charging around $300 to get clients in your door. Once you become more advanced you can start charging anywhere from $500 to $1,200 per appointment. 

How Do You Practice Lip Blushing?

To practice lip blushing I have students practice on paper, and practice tools so they can get a feel for the machine and how to practice the right movements. 

Is It Hard To Learn Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is not hard to learn. It’s a skill that can be learned in a few days with the right trainer. No prior experience is needed to learn lip blushing and no degree is required. 

Do You Need Any Degree/Certification?

No, you do not need any prior education or experience to learn this new lip blushing technique. However, after the course is complete you do need to file paperwork and apply for permits and licenses with the county to operate your business. In this course I will tell you what paperwork you need to follow and permits to get for Palm Beach County, FL.