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Lip Blush Training

Learn my Effortless Lips Technique for beautiful, effortless lips every times. Learn my simple technique.

Powder Brows Training

Better than Microblading, Powder Brows heal better and last longer. Learn My Top Rated Techniques.

You Can Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Business

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

With live in-person training and models, we’ve got the resources you need to turn your passion into a full-time career.

The PMU World Is Waiting For You!!

2-3 Day Trainings (Yes, you can learn in 2-3 days)

Massive Income Potential!

PMU Artist's earn anywhere from $250-$500 an hour!!!

Learn proper technique and theory from a master trainer

Stand out from your competition with our signature 5 star rated techniques

Lifetime access to our online training vault

Access to consent forms, Aftercare Instructions, Supply List, Marketing Tips, Photo Editing Apps and more!

Lip Blush

Lip Blushing Training

offering lip blushing as a treatment is a great option. You can offer anywhere between $500-$1500 per appointment depending on your area. Learn my Effortless Lips techniques.

Powder Brows - Eyebrow Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Powder Brows Training

Create the perfect fluffy Powder Brows with our Powder Brows Course. This training will prepare you to design, shape and complete a natural looking brow using our soft shading technique.

Lip Tattoo Training

PMU Mentoring

Looking for a PMU mentor to look over your work, give you advice, bring in a client and have her coach you. Book a mentoring session.

What Is Permanent Makeup?
Who is Training For?

Permanent makeup is a popular cosmetic tattoo that is semi-permanent. Also known as eyebrow tattoos, and lip tattoos, these techniques are used to add pigment onto the skin to add color and volume. 

Training is for any who has never done permanent makeup before. No certifications or degrees are required. Just great training. It’s also for advanced PMU artists who are looking to learn a new technique, offer a new service or polish up their skills. 

How Do I Know If This Course Is Right For Me?

PMU is for anyone looking to turn art and makeup into their full-time career. The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry and has a low cost to entry making it one of the best careers to start.

How Many People Will Be In Each Class?

We want your experience to be interactive and personal, so we limit each group to a maximum of 5 participants. This gives you plenty of opportunities to ask questions and interact with Leanne.

When Can I Start Taking Clients?

After this course you will be a PMU artist. You can start taking clients right after you have filed all your necessary applications and state requirements that I will help walk you through so you can start taking clients ASAP

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes I do offer payment plans for my trainings and services. To learn more and apply for my payment plan click here

What If I Still Have Questions After This Course?

Great question! After this course you have lifetime access to me, my resources and materials. You can contact me anytime you have questions. I also offer mentoring if you want me to sit down with you for a day to go over any of your work, give you tips, help you clients or anything else. I also highly recommed you join my Permanent Makeup Tips Facebook Group. Join Here

About Me


Just a few short years ago I was young mother of 2 not knowing what career I wanted to go with. I saw an ad for a PMU course and decided to take a chance and do it not knowing how much it would change my life!

Within a few years I became a six figure earner and you can too!!

If you love taking care of your skin and love makeup this is a career for you!

I believe my work through permanent makeup, can make women and men more confident in their skin and they see themselves in beautiful new ways. Through PMU education, I can help you make your own impact on the world and others around you.

Whether you’ve never been the best at makeup or have ever tattooed before or you are just looking to learn a new technique, I look forward to taking this creative journey together.


“I seriously love her work! She is very professional and knowldgeable about what she does. She’s become a friend and someone I can really trust! The best in the business!


“Leanne was the best teacher I could have asked for. She was so educated and knowledgable and was so sweet and patient throughout the entire training. She walked me through my first eyebrows and encouraged me throughout. I highly suggest taking her training course to anyone who is looking for a. PMU course “


I recently took Leanne’s powder brow and lip blushing course. I am already a trained mircoblading artist and wanted to further my skills with the machine so I could offer more to my clients. Leanne was informative, patient, and provided a good education with her specific style of permanent make up. I feel I have grown with my machine skills and can better create beautiful brows, and now lips, for clients. The class was 3 fast paced days, so if you are super new, I would say do more 1:1 as it can be a lot to take in. My models came out beautiful! I have used her technique since then and very happy with how my clients brows are looking after taking her course. She has since been very responsive to my texts with questions and mentoring me. I am thankful for that as it can be very lonely in this industry. If you are an artist looking to further your skills, I highly recommend Leanne’s course for both powder brows and lip blushing. She introduced me to a new line of Ink that I am absolutely loving. Leanne, thank you for showing us new artists that we can be successful in this business!”


Permanent Makeup Training Resources

Different Types of Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos

Different Types Of Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos

Learn about all the different types of eyebrow tattoos you can do to add to offer to your clients.

Permanent Lip Tattoo Colors For Lip Blushing

Permanent Lip Tattoo Colors

Learn all about lip tattoo colors. You will learn what types of pigments to use, what lip blushing color is best for each skin tone, and how to mix colors.

Permanent Makeup Facebook Group

Free PMU Facebook Group

Join a network of other Permanent Artists, get first access to new training courses, materials, tips and ask any questions about the industry.

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