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Lip Blushing Model

Become A Permanent Makeup Model

Effortless Arches is a top rated permanent makeup clinic in Palm Beach County, FL.

It is also a highly renowned training center for lip blushing, powder brows and other permanent makeup treatments.

During these trainings, we offer hands on training on a live model (you). Our master trainer, Leanne, will be performing the procudre on the model.

Becoming a model is a great way to get a permanent makeup procedure at an excellent price.

Regular Lip Blushing: $700

Regular Powder Brows: $800

Lip Blushing Model: $400

Powder Brows Model: $400

As you can see becoming a model gets you the best price for a high quality permanent makeup service.


I’m Leanne

The owner of Effortless Arches and a master permanent makeup trainer. Through the past several years I have grown my permanent makeup business into being one of the top rated permanent makeup clinics in Palm Beach County. 

Teaching is a passion of mine and the best way to teach others my techniques is to see it first hand and then have them practice on a live model. If you are interested in becoming a model for my training center read more below. 


What Type Of Model Can You Be?

Lip Blushing

This service is a semi-permanent lip tattoo that uses a machine to penetrate pigment into the lips. Lip blushing gives your lips of looking like filler without the injections, add more natural color to your lips, and makes your lips look more symmetrical. Lasts 2-3 years.

Powder Brows

This treatment is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that is completed with a machine added pigment into the skin. This results in fluffy, natural looking eyebrows. This procedure works on all skin types and lasts 2 years.

Other Permanent Makeup

At Effortless Arches, we are always training, and learning new techniques. Sometimes when we have students or are looking to add new techniques to our current services we will be looking for models. 

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What I Do

Lip Blushing and Powder Brows

Eyebrow Model

Powder Brows

Lip Blushing Model

Lip Blushing

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

Sign Up & Get Added To Our Model List

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to join our model list. Select which service you would like to be a model for so we can contact you for that service.

Wait To Hear From Us

Once we have training dates set we will contact you in advance to see if the day and time works for you. Most of our model trainings will take place around 2pm on week days (typically Monday and Tuesdays)

Prep For Your Model Appointment

Once we have confirmed the day and time works for you, we will send you a link to book a model appointment. This includes prep instructions, fill out consent forms and pay the model fee.

Day Of Model Appointment

Once you arrive at our model appointment, Leanne will introduce you to the trainees, and walk you through the procedure step by step. Leanne will the perform the procedure on you as she shows her students what to do. Video and photo documentation will be allowed during this procedure to help our students.

Permanent Makeup


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