Best Eyebrow Color For Red Hair

What is the best eyebrow color for red hair? Are you a red head looking for the latest eyebrow trends? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! From permanent makeup to eyebrow products, there are plenty of options for those with red hair.

What Is The Best Eyebrow Color For Red Hair?

Best Eyebrow Color For Red Hair

So, let’s just jump right into the answer. The best eyebrow color for red hair is one that closely matches your natural hair color. If you have lighter red tresses, opt for warmer colors like golden chestnuts or light browns. If you have darker red locks, choose a deeper shade of brown to create definition and depth.

With red hair you will look for shades in the brown family as all red heads want brown browns. What brow shade is best for you? We’ll go into how to match your eyebrows with your red hair.

How To Match My Eyebrow With Red Hair?

If you’re looking to achieve the perfect match the general rule is to stay within 2 shades of your natural brow color. Here are a few more tips:

– Start by taking your natural hair color into account. Do you have auburn hair or copper red? The shade that works best for you will depend on this information.

– If you have red highlights in your hair, use them as a guide to find the right color.

– If your hair color is golden red, try a light brown shade to complement the look.

– For burgundy or mahogany red, go for a medium brown to darker brown shade.

-For the fellow redheads that have warm undertones , go for a reddish-brown hue that’s one or two shades lighter than your hair color.

– On the other hand, if you have cool undertones, opt for an ashy brown to create a more natural look.

Should Your Eyebrow Color Be Lighter or Darker Than Your Hair Color?

Best Brow Colors for Permanent Eyebrows

Depending on what style you are going for, you can choose to go light or dark. If you want to make your eyes stand out, then opt for a lighter eyebrow color that is up to one shade lighter than your natural hair color. For a more subtle look, stick with the same shade as your hair.

When in doubt, a medium brown eyebrow pencil or auburn eyebrow pencil: These two eyebrow colors will work for almost any shade of red hair.

How To Choose The Best Color To Match Your Red Hair?

Brow Colors For Auburn Red Hair

When picking an eyebrow pencil or powder, it’s best to go one shade lighter than your hair color. This will give you a more natural look and help make your brows stand out. For example, if you have strawberry blonde hair, try a light brown eyebrow pencil or powder instead of a red one. If you’re not sure which shade to pick, go for a classic taupe eyebrow color.

Natural Redheads

If you are natural redhead with a fair skin tone , try a light brown eyebrow pencil or powder that has cool undertones in it. This will help to bring out the natural tones of your hair and make them pop!

Red With Dark Blonde Hair

If you have red hair with dark blonde highlights , try a dark brown eyebrow pencil or powder. This will help to define your brows and create a subtle contrast between your red hair and the darker color of your brows.

Red With Auburn Highlights

If you have red hair with reddish-brown highlights, stick with an auburn shade eyebrow pencil or powder to bring out the natural red tones of your hair.

Red With Brown Hair

If your hair has brownish highlights and is mostly red, opt for a deep brown eyebrow pencil or powder to help bring out the warmth of your color.

Red With Black Hair

If your hair is a deep red with black undertones, try an eyebrow shade that’s slightly lighter than your natural color. This will help to balance the intensity of the dark shades and highlight the beauty of your dark red hair.

No matter what shade of red hair you have, make sure you’re using a light touch when applying your eyebrow color and use a spoolie brush to blend it. If you want a more permanent and natural look for your brow hairs try permanent makeup such as powder brows.

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    Which Permanent Makeup Shades For Your Red Hair?

    Powder Brows For Red Hair

    Powder brows permanent makeup is the ideal choice for a natural look. It lasts 2-3 years, works on all skin types, blonde brows, red eyebrows, dark brown brows and black eyebrows. Powder brows is the superior method of microblading and doesn’t cause as much trauma to the skin and the results heal better.

    As a brow specialist, I highly recommend Mara Pigment Colors Native and Morena. These two colors I find out to work best on all red head clients no matter if they have bright red hair, warm blonde, soft brown or dark brown shades.

    If you want darker brows we can add a darker shade to these colors, if you want light brows we can soften up the look. But Native is the number one choice I recommend to get the perfect shade for all types of red hair.

    Best Eyebrow Products For Red Hair

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    When shopping for eyebrow products for red hair, look for ones with a creamy texture as they will look for natural. Remember with all brow products go light as you can always add more color but it’s more difficult to take away. These are the best brow products for red hair recommended by makeup artists.

    Best Eyebrow Pencil

    Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows – Shades Soft Brown or Taupe

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Shades Auburn, Medium Brown, Soft Brown, Chocolate

    Mac Brow Pencil – Shade Lingering

    Pur Cosmetics Arch Nemesis 4-in-1 Dual-Ended Brow Pencil – Shades Light or Medium

    Maybelline Express Brow Ultra Slim Defining Eyebrow Pencil– Shades Soft, Medium Brown

    Best Brow Powder

    Palladio Brow Powder – Comes in shades Brown, Soft Brown, Auburn and Taupe

    Maybelline New York Brow Drama Shaping Chalk Powder – Shade Auburn

    NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Cake Powder – Shade Auburn/Red or Brunette

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo – Shade Auburn, Soft Brown, and Medium Brown.

    Best Tinted Brow Gel

    ETUDE HOUSE Color My Brows Eyebrow Mascara – Shade Red Brown, light brown or natural brown

    NYX Professional Makeup Thick It Stick It Thickening Brow Mascara – Shade Auburn, Rich Auburn, Ash Brown,

    Just For Redheads Tinted Brow Gel – Ginger Auburn, Ginger Brown, Ginger Cocoa

    Wonderskin Dream Brow Eyebrow Gel Serum – Shade Brunette

    Eyebrow Tips For Red Hair

    Brow Colors For Red Hair

    When it comes to finding the best eyebrow color for your red locks, there are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind:

    1. Your eyebrow color should be lighter or darker than your hair color, depending on how bold you want to go with the look.

    2. Permanent makeup shades are a great option if you want more natural-looking eyebrows, since they won’t fade away over time like regular pencils and powders can.

    3. When it comes to eyebrow products, look for light browns, taupes, or even burgundies that will enhance your already red hair.

    4. Try experimenting with different colors and textures of eyebrow products until you find a combination that works best for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is The Best Eyebrow Color For Red Hair And Dark Eyes?

    The best eyebrow color for red hair and dark eyes is a warm, natural-looking shade. Choose a shade that’s just one or two shades darker than your hair color—this will help to make your red locks stand out even more! For an extra pop of color, try using an eyebrow pencil in the same hue as your eyes.

    What Eyebrow Color Looks Best With Auburn Hair?

    If you have auburn hair, try using an eyebrow pencil or powder in a warm brown shade. This will help to subtly define your brows without being overly dramatic. You could also go for a slightly darker shade than your hair if you’re looking for more definition, but be sure to blend it out properly so that the color isn’t too harsh.

    Can Redheads Have Brown Eyebrows?

    Yes! Redheads can definitely rock brown eyebrows. A warm and golden-toned brown shade is a great choice for red hair, as it complements the fiery hues beautifully. For a subtler look, you could opt for an ashier shade of brown that’s close to your natural eyebrow color.

    What Eyebrow Color Is Best For Blonde Hair?

    Generally, a brown eyebrow color complements blonde hair best. Blonde hair has a wide range of shades, so be sure to pick an eyebrow color that matches the tone of your hair. A medium-brown or taupe shade is usually a safe option for blondes, but you could also go for something more dramatic like a dark-brown or even black eyebrow shade.


    No matter what color of eyebrow product you choose, make sure your eyebrows are well groomed and shaped in order to pull off the perfect red hair look! With the right eyebrow color and products, you can easily feel confident with your fiery red locks. So go ahead and have fun trying out different shades and textures of eyebrow makeup to find the best one for your unique style! Happy experimenting! 🙂

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