How To Become An Eyebrow Specialist?

Becoming an eyebrow specialist is a great way to make money in the permanent makeup and beauty industry. Whether you want to learn how to do basic brow maintenance, waxing and tweezing, or advanced cosmetic treatments like microblading or powder brows, there are a few steps you need to take.

First off, let’s define what an eyebrow specialist is.

What Is An Eyebrow Specialist?

An eyebrow specialist is a beauty professional or permanent makeup artist that is trained in the art of eyebrow shaping, care and treatment. They have a specialized knowledge of products and specific techniques designed to shape, groom, and enhance eyebrows for clients.

There are many types of eyebrow specialties that you could become. These include:

  • Microblading Artist
  • Powder Brow Specialist
  • Nano Brow Artist
  • Lamination Artist
  • Eyebrow Threading

Microblading Artist

A Microblading specialist is a certified technician who has specialized in the art of semi-permanent makeup. Microblading is a technique used to create natural-looking eyebrows, using thin strokes and pigments that fade over time.

Pigments enter the skin through a hand tool that makes little cuts in the skin, which allows the pigment to absorb into the skin and last longer than traditional makeup.

Powder Brow Specialist

Powder Brow Service

A Powder Brow specialist is a professional that specializes in creating fuller, more defined brows using semi-permanent pigments. This technique involves placing tiny dots and shading of pigment into the skin with a tattoo machine.

The results are a more natural look that mimics the effect of makeup leaving you with beautiful brows. Powder Brows are the new Microblading, as this technique works on all skin types, lasts longer, fades more natural and is the the number one technique most asked about.

Nano Brow Artist

A Nano Brow Artist is a technician that specializes in the use of digital technology to create ultra-fine strokes and detailed hair strokes. This technique uses an advanced device which allows for more precision when creating fine lines and details.

It is a mix of Microblading and Powder Brow techniques.

Lamination Artist

A Lamination specialist is trained in the art of using semi-permanent products to give the eyebrows a “weaved” look.

This technique helps clients with sparse or overgrown brows achieve symmetrical and fuller looking brows. The process of lamination involves two steps, one to straighten the hairs and second to add tint for definition.

Eyebrow Threading

An Eyebrow Threading specialist is a professional that specializes in the traditional Indian method of brow shaping.

This technique involves winding and pulling a cotton thread along the skin, which traps and lifts out hair from the follicle for precise brow shaping.

This highly specialized profession is for those who truly enjoy working with brows and want to make a living out of it.

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    How Much Money Can You Make As An Eyebrow Specialist?

    So, how much money can you make as an eyebrow specialist? The answer depends on your level of expertise and where you work – generally speaking, eyebrow specialists can earn anywhere from an average salary of $20,000 to over $50,000 a year.

    However, you can make a very good income by enhancing your skills. With more practice and training eyebrow specialist can earn higher incomes. For example, an experienced Powder Brow Specialist can charge $800 per appointment in Florida and making over 6 figures a year.

    The best way to price your services correctly is to check out what your competition is offering and how much experience they have. If you are just starting out your prices will be lower so you practice more.

    Now that you know what an eyebrow specialist is and how much you can make, it’s time to learn how to become one.

    How To Become An Eyebrow Specialist

    How To Become An Eyebrow Specialist

    There are three steps to becoming an eyebrow specialist:

    1. Finding A Course
    2. Get Certified
    3. Build Your Business

    Find A Course or Training

    Powder Brows Live Model Online Training Course

    To begin, you’ll need to know what technique you want to learn and offer your new clients. Find a technique that you think your clients will want, give them natural looking brows is just the best service to offer for your skills.

    Once you know what eyebrow technique you want to learn it’s time to find a training course.

    You can usually find eyebrow courses in the United States through cosmetology schools, online courses, in-person training bootcamps or even YouTube tutorials. Once you’ve found a proper training course that works for you, make sure to check out the reviews and do your due diligence before signing up.

    Things to look for in a good training course:

    • Practical Experience
    • Thorough Training
    • In depth Patterns and Techniques
    • What Pigments To Use On Different Skin Types
    • Teaches You About What Needles To Use
    • Practice Mapping or Free Hand
    • Understanding Different Face Shapes
    • Color Theory
    • Things That Can Go Wrong And How To Fix Them
    • Positive Attitude
    • Good Communication Skills
    • On-Going Support After Course
    • Good Reviews
    Powder Brows Live Model Online Training Course (3)

    If you have no previous experience in permanent cosmetics and are looking for a training course I highly recommend you find an in-person training with Master Eyebrow Trainer as you will learn most in-depth basic skills you will need to learn. To find a eyebrow training course, search Google and type “Powder Brow Training Near Me” or “Permanent Makeup Training Programs Near Me” as an example. Make sure to thoroughly read all the reviews from students and clients, make sure you like their work and photos.

    If you have prior training such as a Microblading course but want to learn a new technique to offer future clients like Powder Brows training, finding an online course could be best for you.

    Online Powder Brow Training Course

    Get Certified

    You may need to get certified in order to work as an eyebrow specialist in some states. Check with your state’s regulatory department to find out which certifications are required. If none are required than you don’t need to worry about getting certified. However, most training courses do offer certificates that you can hang up in the work place to show you had specialized training.

    If you do need a certification, make sure the course is accredited with your state and check with the organization to ensure they offer the certifications you are looking for.

    Powder Brow Bootcamp

    Build Your Business

    Once you’ve completed your training, it’s time to start building your business.

    Decide whether or not you want to be your own boss with your own practice or use your active tattoo artist license to work for someone else. If you work for someone else you will need to provide any licenses or requirements your employer asks.

    Licenses and Permits

    If you are going to start your own Permanent Makeup Business you will need to know your county and states regulations. For example in Florida, you will need to take A Bloodborne Pathogens Training, apply for a Florida Tattoo Application and get an inspection, get a Bio Medical Waste Permit, find a company to pick your Bio Waste and get a Tattoo Establishment License or Permit.

    Every state will have different regulations regarding opening up a Permanent Makeup Salon. If you are doing a local in-person training course, your trainer should tell you exactly what you need to get started if you get proper training. If not the best place to get this information is thorough your local department of health.

    Once you have the proper permits and licenses and your inspection is good you can start advertising your services so brow clients can find you.

    Groups To Join

    Get connected with eyebrow groups and associations to stay in the know about current trends and techniques. One group to join is Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. This is a group of brow professionals who offers education, webinars and seminars that will help you in your business. They also give information about your states regulation and laws.

    Other groups to join are local networking or Facebook groups such as my free group Permanent Makeup Tips (Microblading, Lip Blushing, Powder Brows). In this group there are thousands of Permanent Makeup Artists who support each other, ask questions, learn about new training, techniques, tips and so much more.

    Permanent Makeup Tips Facebook Group

    Finding Clients

    The best place to find clients is online. Create a social media page or website to advertise yourself, showcase your work and start connecting with potential clients. Doing paid advertisement at first can be helpful as well if you allocate the budget.

    Take part in brow charity events and workshops that offer low cost services. This will be a great way to get noticed and build your portfolio. You can also go out into the community, attend local events or even join business groups if you have enough time, this is a great way to network and make connections with potential clients.

    Finally, use your existing network and ask for referrals if you know someone looking for brow services. They may know people who are interested in getting their brows done as well.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Degree Do You Need To Do Eyebrows?

    In some cases you will need to be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. However, some states allow you to take specialized courses or a master class to become an eyebrow specialist.

    What Do You Call Someone Who Does Eyebrows?

    A person who does eyebrows is usually called an eyebrow specialist, permanent makeup artist or esthetician.

    Do You Need A License To Do Eyebrows In Florida?

    Yes, in Florida you need to a have a Tattoo Establishment License or Permit in order to do eyebrows. You will also need to take A Bloodborne Pathogens Training and get an inspection from the Department of Health.

    Can You Make Good Money Doing Eyebrows?

    Yes, you can make good money doing eyebrows. If you have the right skills and the right client base, there is potential to make a very good living.

    How Do I Become An Eyebrow Tech In Florida?

    In Florida, you need to take A Bloodborne Pathogens Training, apply for a Florida Tattoo Application and get an inspection, get a Bio Medical Waste Permit, find a company to pick your Bio Waste and get a Tattoo Establishment License or Permit. After that you can start advertising your services so clients can find you.

    Is Microblading Eyebrows A Good Career?

    Yes, microblading eyebrows is a great career choice. Microblading is one of the most common procedures for eyebrows. There are many opportunities available to you and the potential for growth is huge. With the right training, skills and techniques you can be successful in this field.


    Now that you have the knowledge of becoming an eyebrow specialist, it’s time to go out and make your dream a reality! Best of luck!

    If you’re looking to become an eyebrow specialist, following these steps can help you get started. With the proper training and certification, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful eyebrow specialist. Good luck!

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