Permanent Makeup Toolkit Ebook


What’s Included in this Permanent Makeup Toolkit:

  • Over 45 supplies to use on your clients such as gloves, table covers, needles, wipes, concealer, trays, applicators, pigment cups, brushes and more.
  • Aftercare supplies such as green soap, lip gloss, tattoo butter and more.
  • Photo – ring lights and macros lenses to take the best photos
  • Photo editing apps to create beautiful images to share on social media
  • Booking apps – Find some of the best and easy to use online booking systems for a permanent makeup business
  • Marketing – a list of some of the best marketing platforms to help you run your business such as print, social media images, banners, email marketing and more
  • Bonus: included is some extra permanent makeup topics you can read up about to learn more about the business and which services you would like to offer your clients
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Looking to start your own permanent makeup business? This ebook is packed with over 45 essential supplies and aftercare products to help you get started. With photo editing apps, online booking platforms, and marketing resources, you’ll be able to run a successful business from anywhere in the world. Plus, I share some resources to expand your knowledge and services that you can offer. So what are you waiting for? Start your own permanent makeup business today!

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    I like this website very much so much great info .

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